my name is Jean-Pierre Cyrenne and this is my resume/cv

About Me

I am presently the VP of Software Engineering for LiveBarn, with a strong technical background as a senior system and network administrator, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have a B.SC in computer science. I am perfectly bilingual (french and english). A husband and a father of 3 super children (adults now!). I have worked for small and medium business firms to big corporate companies, in the IT field, for over 22 years and fit well in any environment. I have an interest in Open Source software, I use it to deliver powerful solutions towards today's IT needs and challenges. Latelly, most of my work is focused on organizational transformation towards Cloud solutions with a DevSecOps culture. I am a devoted team player.

I have supported companies, implemented help desks, migrated and integrated core internal systems, launched world wide web campaigns, set up a Bitcoin mining datacenter, lead technical teams and travelled the world for an employer.

IT is the perfect field for me. I really love what I do. I love it so much that I own a small hosting company since 2003. If you want the full and long story, please contact me and let's have a conversation.


  • Architected, implemented and supported a high availability and scalable international web campaign cluster serving 40 countries with iWeb Smart servers and Amazon S3-CloudFront for a major corporate account;
  • Migrated systems to the Cloud for HA / DR requirements at National Bank;
  • Took over responsibilities for the development, staging and production environments of w.illi.am/ from a contracted third party support team;
  • Architectural conception, configuration, implementation and support of the different environments (Internal, development, staging and production servers);
  • Created the hosting offer for our corporate clients (SOW, SLA, SLO, SOP) at w.illi.am/;
  • Complete upgrade of computers, servers and software at Location Brossard inc. (80 machines and servers) including documentation (procedures, inventory, licenses);
  • Implementation of Vmware ESXi for virtualization of servers on Dell Power Edge;
  • Replacement of the integrated system at Location Brossard inc. (400 000$ Project);
  • Changed T1 links to MPLS between branches and Internet at Location Brossard inc.;
  • Migration and integration of a SMB (CESART) within Bell Canada;
  • Respected budgets and time frame of Bell Canada’s connectivity project;
  • Established new security rules and norms for the company;
  • Implemented a Helpdesk department and report follow ups;
  • Participated in the development of new products and services in development;
  • Helpdesk and Hosting director (150 workstations et 90 servers intern and Web);
  • Key Resource for IT solutions for the companies I've worked for;
  • I have started my own businesses (Telecom, Denturology, Hosting and Consultancy).
  • I have lead teams as a team leader (Scrum Master) and manager.


  • 2001

    Bachelor in Computer Science

    Cooperative with internship. Profile : distributed systems
    Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

  • 1992

    Technique en denturologie

    C.E.G.E.P. Édouard-Montpetit

  • 1987

    Pure and Applied Sciences

    C.E.G.E.P. André-Laurendeau


  • 2021

    AWS Certified Security – Specialty

    Amazon online certifications

  • 2021

    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

    Amazon online certifications

  • 2013

    Architecting on AWS

    Amazon training center New York, NY

  • 2013

    FAP19107 Gestion des services des TI avec ITIL version 3

    Collège de Maisonneuve – Continued Education

  • 2010

    CSM – Certified ScrumMaster (000111784)

    AFI Expertise (Pyxis)

  • 2009

    Project Management CENG 221 D1/D2 (160 PDU)

    McGill University – Centre for Continuing Education

  • 2009

    SysAid Certification Program



Mar 2022 to Present
VP Software Engineering
  • A leader of organizational transformation and a strategic problem-solver;
  • Focussed on evolving and enhancing the software development practice within the organization;
  • Assure operational excellence best practices for DevSecOps and Cloud;
  • Responsible for the vision, strategy, planning, management of IT services and solutions from a software approach;
  • Implement new solutions to support the business strategies;
  • I lead a talented team of developers and engineers through management and mentorship;
  • I collaborate with product managers to improve company policies and standards.
HostinPowers inc.
2003 - present
Owner - IT Consultant / Technical Lead - Managed Services
Custom implementations and Complete Hosting solutions.
  • Offer technical advice and support to SMB customers;
  • Offer 'key in hand' hosting solutions to SMB customers;
  • Contracted (2013-2014) with iWeb for external architecture, implementation and support for their Managed Services offer – Perform any specialized work they do not have in their offer;
  • Deploy and support clients on web servers, databases, email, web clusters, load balancers, DB replication, DNS;
  • Lead and support local teams (SysAdmin and Dev);
  • Travel for customer to set up local environment in the entertainment industry. Setup local network (in a park, throughout a city, in the woods, the desert, the jungle...) and sync local servers in a ring with cloud servers (Master-Master-Master replication);
  • Custom backup solutions to Amazon S3 or Digital Ocean Spaces;
  • Support and trouble shoot customer problems from a distance (around the world).
National Bank of Canada
Nov 2017 to Mar 2022
DevSecOps Asset Manager
Dec 2021 to Mar 2022
  • SRE is what you get when you treat operations as if it's a software problem. I managed a group of SRE's, that build, own and support the Tools, CI/CD and Ops/Infrastructure Pipelines and IaC in AWS for the Bank towards it's Cloud Transformation. We also support internal Security teams, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Testing.
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
Nov 2017 to Dec 2021
  • Migrating of systems to Cloud (Amazon, Azure, Google);
  • Automatisation : IaC (Infrastructure as Code) with Terraform and CloudFormation, configuration management with Ansible);
  • CI (Bitbucket, Github, Jenkins, CircleCI);
  • Atlasssian Data Center (Jira, Conflunce, Bitbucket) on AWS. Deployed with CloudFormation and support more than 5k users (ELB, ALB, EC2, RDS, Security Groups, CloudWatch...). First in the world to migrate the products from Azure, Enterprise on MS-SQL to Amazon, Data Center on PostgreSQL;
  • Scrum Master (JIra);
  • Automate migrations to the Cloud with CI/CD Pipelines (Build, Deploy / Jenkins, Git, Terraform, Ansible, Nexus, Vault).
Intellitix Technologies inc.
Jun 2013 to Nov 2017
IT Director
Jul 2015 to Nov 2017
  • Handling a great deal of responsibility with a broad range of skills (technical, leadership, communication) from low level technical knowledge to understanding modern business practices in the festival industry (access control and cashless solutions). I solve real-world technology challenges.;
  • Ensuring that the company’s information technology is continuously available and secure from around the world - Including on site visits;
  • Designed and deployed network offer on many fields for events of over 100K patrons (pfSense, Ubiquiti);
  • Overseeing technical projects in alignment with organizational goals;
  • Constantly directing the effective delivery of networks, development, and disaster recovery systems and processes;
  • Working with IT teams to find solutions to manage business activities;
  • Supervising a team (IT and Operations until ready to scale). Working closely with management, developers, external vendors and providers;
  • Preparing financial budgets and presenting proposals for capital projects to senior executives;
  • Researching and recommending new products (always stay curious!);
  • Identifying new market opportunities;
  • Leading efforts to improve IT processes;
  • Evaluating new technologies for competitive advantage;
  • Keeping some hands on experience in working with and training the IT team (SysAdmins, Dev, Techs...).
System Administrator
Jun 2013 to Jul 2015 - Consultant under contract
  • Managed and configured the local and event servers;
  • Managed and configured the local and event firewalls, networks and VPNs. Including wi-fi with Ubiquity products;
  • Travelled to many festivals accross the world, deployed and supported solutions on site;
  • Responsible for purchasing IT equipment;
  • Train local teams for deployments.
Jan 2011 to Jun 2013
System Administrator
(a GESCA, Power Corporation company)
  • Define, standardize and implement IT processes;
  • Manage the server room, hosting cabinet, dedicated servers;
  • Responsible for the different accounts at different providers;
  • Install, configure, maintain, backup, secure and monitor 50 staging and production Linux servers (Dedicated, Cloud and Collocation). Physical and virtual;
  • Install, configure, maintain internal services including workstation images, firewall (LAN/LAN2/WAN/DMZ/WLAN), internal servers (Active Directory, Exchange, Blackberry server, SVN and development servers – LAMP, Python-Django, Adobe CQ5);
  • Backup with Idera and rSnapshot (internal and company cluster)
  • Support employees (60 laptops, 15 MacBook Pro);
  • Support UX lab;
  • Support TV lab (Boxee, Google TV, Ruku, AppleTV, Xbox);
  • Monitor servers with Nagios, Cacti or Zabbix (24/7 support);
  • Manage domain names, DNS;
  • Responsible for IT purchases, manage IT CAPEX requests;
  • Primary resource for IT questions and recommendations.
Location Brossard inc.
September 2008 to January 2011
Chief IT
  • Define security policies and assure network security;
  • Maintain and update the company’s corporate web site – Programming;
  • Manage the domain names;
  • Buy the equipment;
  • Implement and support the network:
  • Manage, analyze, recommend and implement the needs of the company for the IT department;
  • Migrated old servers towards a virtualized environment with VMware ESXi; (Infrastructure, vSphere, Converter);
  • Execute the backups with Symantec and R1Soft;
  • Replaced the existing integrated system from Enrich to MIR-RT (Project Management and Operations). A 400 000$ Project.
Bell Canada
February 2006 to August 2008
Technical Director
  • Define security policies and assure network security;
  • Integrated CESART information system towards Bell Canada (analyze, configure and secure) on a dedicated link;
  • Assure connectivity between networks (Fiber, DSL, T1, links with VPN between branches and clients);
  • Managed 4 employees;
  • Analyzed the needs of the department;
  • Make recommendations for the technical aspect of the company towards hosting;
  • Keep relations with Bell (SPOC) concerning technical and security needs;
  • Make the necessary demands towards Bell Corporate;
  • Configure access rules in the router towards Bell;
  • Implemented a secure wireless network for programmers;
  • Manage Domain names with Registrars for our clients and internal needs;
  • Moved Dell workstations to Lenovo T-61;
  • Support 150 workstations (Windows, Mac OSX) and 90 servers (Windows, Linux).
(Became a Bell Canada company)
March 2002 to February 2006
System Administrator
  • Configure and update the servers Windows2000/2003;
  • Configure and update 40 Linux hosting servers Linux within the different hosting environment (Peer1, iWeb, FusePoint);
  • Offer technical support for Windows 2000/XP Pro, Linux and Mac;
  • Support HP printers;
  • Support the telephone system (Meridian) and VOIP;
  • Configure and allow VPN access;
  • Supervise and configure the firewall (security rules);
  • Maintain the physical layer (network wires, jacks, switches etc.);
  • Take care of the inventory (software and hardware);
  • Recommend and purchase new equipment;
  • Create server and workstation images (Norton Ghost).




Amazon AWS Cloud
Code Versionning - Subversion, Bitbucket, GitHub
Artifact Manager - Nexus, Artifactory
Security Tools - SonarQube, NexusIQ, Veracode, JFrog Xray
Pipelines - Jenkins, JFrog Pipelines
Automation tools - Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Forge
Infrastructure as Code IaC - Terraform, CloudFormation
Linux - Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu
Windows - Windows and Server
LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
LEMP - Linux, Nginx, MySQL, Python, VirtualEnv
Monitoring - Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti
Firewall - pfSense, Cisco, (SonicWall), iptables
DNS - Bind, DynDNS, Power DNS
LDAP - Active Directory
VPN - Microsoft, OpenVPN AS
SMTP - Postfix, Exim - DKIM, SPIF, DMARK, IP Reputation
High availability - Heartbeat
Load Balancing - AWS LB, HAProxy, nginx
Web Cluster - Amazon AWS, Google, iWeb, Digital Ocean
Programming Web - Golang, PHP, HTML, CSS
Programming system - Bash, Python, Golang
Database - MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, NoSQL
Virtulisation - vmWare ESXi, KVM, OpenVZ, SolusVM, Proxmox
Collaboration - Wiki, Redmine, Jira/Confluence, ProjectPier




My wife!